A powerful image can redefine the way the world thinks. But you need more than a single image to tell an honest story
— Joubert Loots

Joubert Loots is a South Africa based social documentary photographer, currently living and working in the coastal city of Nelson Mandela Bay. 

Through photography, he powerfully captures and communicates how people live, work and interact in their social environments.

An avid traveller, he has covered stories in over 20 different countries by the age of 29. Throughout his life, Joubert has had the opportunity to meet and form connections with many who have come from vastly different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. These bonds, and the insight they proved into the life of others are what have fuelled his enthusiasm for photography’s ability to illustrate untold stories.

Joubert finds inspiration in his faith, humanity, and nature. A combination of these forms the creative arena through which he explores his own identity. As an artist Joubert views creativity as an aid toward self-development and he hopes that his work might evoke careful reflection from his audiences.

His most recent photographic project saw Joubert embark on a four-and-a-half month documentary and street photography sojourn, covering London, France, Germany and Israel. During his travels he explored the streets of foreign cities, observed the daily activities of residents, and interacted with locals that crossed his path. 

As well as taking dynamic pictures, his amiable character and sense of adventure means that his trips are often about surprise encounters and partaking in unique shared experiences.